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I'm still working my way through Brendan Keogh's formal analysis of Call of Duty 4, and we're getting to the part where there's a downed helicopter needing rescue.

I really want to know if he says anything about the pilot being female. I don't remember if there are any other female voices in this entire game.

His analysis has been on a mostly formal level, with some nods to the really obvious cultural statements in the game (the way it hammers on Western technological superiority, racist vagueness about these "Middle Eastern" ethnicities) and pointing out some cool circularity in the game's relationship to realism, but I wonder if sexism is as difficult to talk about on the scholarly side of video games as it is on the industry side. Idealistically I'd say probably not, but sexism is not a non-problem even in anthropology departments. (Mine, of course, is a utopia, and I say this with absolutely no sarcasm, cross my heart.)

My memories of this game are several years old, but I think it's notable that the pilot is female. I have no idea if it's realistic to have this proportion of male to female soldiers in a war like this. Her dialogue (and delivery) is interesting, asserting her authority and skill. But then (as I recall) she needs to be rescued, which is an unfortunate trope for the sole female character.

I write this about 28 minutes into the following video:

I look forward to seeing where it goes.


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