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I just read in her newsletter that my favourite online Japanese 3D nails shop is clearing out her inventory because she is closing down :( I have hoarded a bunch of sets of nails from her but have never worn them because I've been too precious about them. I might order a few more just because they are going to become unavailable :(

Each set is handmade and so beautiful.

Now that egg, Ageha, Happie Nuts etc. are going out of print, I'm sad to think that ギャル style is really kind of over. I feel like subscribing to Jelly just to make sure it doesn't disappear.

Fullmoon also had the best prices on those magazines. Sigh!

I hope Yukiumi doesn't disappear too. Maybe I should place an order with them. They haven't tweeted since December >_< Agh, it's a dying industry!

Japanese 3D nails just have a certain aesthetic that is somehow restrained and cute despite the inherent outrageousness of 3D nail art. They tend to stay (to my eyes) harmonious rather than garish, and with a certain kawaii-ness that I just can't resist.

Waaaaa I wish I lived in Japan :(


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