Aug. 11th, 2014

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First, there was the beginner group: my first Mass Effect friends, who walked me through my tentative, novice steps.

Then, I played with randoms for a long time.

Then I found my home in the 10pm–1am crowd, the kindest people you'll ever meet who are also at the top of the international leaderboard.

Then I found my girls, who play the Firebase Condor drinking game with me from 1am–4am.

This past week I found some kids who are filling my 4am–6am slot.

This doesn't mean that I'm playing from 10pm–6am every night, but it means that almost anytime I feel like playing, I can put together a squad that can sail through Gold and Platinum.

I'm #31 on the Canadian leaderboard right now, but I've got a good group. I think I can really make a push for the top.
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Christy Mack is beautiful.

She makes a very good living being beautiful, by being a porn star.

She also keeps snakes and advocates for animal rights.

I like her. I follow her on Twitter.

The other day, she got the living hell beaten out of her by her ex, who is also an MMA fighter.

I'm upset about this. I've never met this woman. I don't really know much about her apart from occasionally reading her tweets. But this is horrible, nightmare violence. It's even scarier because the perpetrator is a fighter by occupation. He knows how to break a person.

I like her because she struck me as a strong personality, with a strong aesthetic, and a performer's drive. Not only does she have my sympathy and horror as a woman, but an abstracted part of me is offended, because she is beautiful. How could anyone want to destroy someone who is so carefully constructed and embellished? Punching her is punching a woman with a side of art piece.

I'm sad about it. I'm afraid. It's scary to read the perpetrator's tweets afterwards, framing himself as the victim, as being wholly well-intentioned.

I'm upset about the way different news outlets want to reduce this story to "fighter beats porn star", just two caricatures having it out at each other, implying that he is just 'roid rage and she is just inevitably en flagrante (which is apparently not even what happened).

I think I'm also just upset on a human level, that somebody who was part of my life, even as a tiny digital footprint, has had this kind of horror visited upon her.

It's sad.


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