Jun. 11th, 2015

elana: (squishy)
dFEI_Ti: electric class?

me: what is your question?

dFEI_Ti: can you take class with electric power ? we can combine together … 3 chain OVERLOAD , ENERGY DRAIN radius , or electric slash etc …

me: I'm trying to promote my vanguards. I'll play whichever vanguard you prefer

dFEI_Ti: and please take equipments level III IV … is platinum

dFEI_Ti: take electric SMASH … phenix vanguard

me: yes boss

dFEI_Ti: arc g + electric SMASH = TECH BURST --> on geth enemy

me: I understand, I have been playing this game for some time

dFEI_Ti: human classes need extra shield against geth … cyclo III or IV

dFEI_Ti: ok

dFEI_Ti: please kick they just bought copies …

me: please stop telling me what to do. let's just have some fun.

dFEI_Ti: a lot of noobs in ME3 should I be quiet ?

dFEI_Ti: my 3 years statistic ---> 90% of noobs

(game starts, with me playing a character I don't often play, specced a way I have literally never specced it. Mr. Bossypants runs off to the basement of Firebase White on his own, insta-gelling whenever he goes down, while the other two players he tried to kick play my usual strategy and are good co-op players. I take second place on the scoreboard beneath Bossypants and mostly just try to hold the squad together.)

dFEI_Ti: hm you died more than 10 times (geth turret?) … you don't need shield

me: why so mean? we all have something to learn from each other. try to enjoy yourself.

(game takes pity on me and boots me from his lobby. I join up with a friend and try to have a good time but fail Wave 10. my heart still pounds. why did I try to be nice to him? why did I accommodate his demands? why didn't I get on my headset and tell him that me spending my level IV gear will never make as much of a difference as him getting on mic and playing co-operatively? ugh. I feel way worse than I did when I started playing. this is the sort of experience that made me never want to play multiplayer games in the first place.)

(In conclusion, go fuck yourself, dFEI_Ti, wherever you are. Try to be nice. It's a good game, just try to enjoy it. Maybe you are confusing "noob" with "being a separate human being from yourself".)

(ugh, he really got under my skin. Mass Effect is supposed to be my happy place. I wish I never had this encounter.)


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