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Okay, I legitimately want to be this girl.

She's comfortable enough with her body to do art naked in a nook with windows.
She's doing art. That's already better than me.
She's doing crafty mixed media art.
She can keep plants alive.
She lives in a small place. I love people who can manage in small places.

Speaking of which, J-M and I are now in possession of a two-storey three-bedroom apartment. It's so huge it's ridiculous. It's about to scale with J-M though. He's a huge person.
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Whatever, she's just chilling. Kind of stretching. She's saying, with her eyes, "oh honey you don't need to see the other half of my face, you already know I'm perfectly symmetrical." There ain't no chips in her nail polish. She can basically wear any bra she wants to, she just likes that one. And her hair completely just fell that way. On its own.

"You know, I don't know what the fuss is with red lipstick. I just put it on when I feel like it."
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Accessories: bangs. soft hat. pearl necklace worn as bracelet. shiny watch which looks expensive yet tasteful. winged eyeliner. kitten.

Everything soft and pliable. The girl and the kitten are mirrors of each other. They are both accessories to be held which will make you more attractive. They are a niche sort of status symbol. They are both young and fluffy and will never ever age. Perpetually juvenile and yet you are still permitted to touch them and bury your face in them.
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Nails. Hair. Eye colour. Iris diameter. Eyelashes. Eyebrow colour and shape. Skin texture. Even the goddamn shape of her head seems somehow unnatural.

I love it.
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I am effortlessly beautiful. Wtf are you? Anyway, I have to get back to my photo shoot.
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In the spirit of lucidity that Carefree White Girl promotes, I'm going to take a look at some of the images that flow across my dashboard on a daily basis.

I follow a lot of RSS feeds. A lot. This is why some of my friends don't call me a big Internet user; they say that I am the Internet. I'm quite good at staying on top of the development of strange subcultures and undercurrents online.

Many of those feeds are image feeds. This is largely because images can be consumed in a split second and then I can move on unless there is something particularly compelling. I'm all about efficiency.

And because I'm a tiny bit gay (nah, I'm significantly gay), a fair number of those feeds are Tumblrs that post nearly exclusively pretty girls. Often naked girls. Many flavours of pretty girls, in fact. Tumblr loves pretty girls, and so do I, for reasons which I hope are self-evident (they're pretty girls!).

But Carefree White Girl has taught me (and so has my Masters in art history I suppose) to critically analyze these images. What do they mean, and perhaps more importantly, what are they doing to me?

Hence, an aspirational girl-photo of the day. I make no promises that this will be daily. Or even regular. I only just thought of this idea anyway.

And if you have an eating disorder, beware of triggering. The only thing crueler than other girls is photos of other girls.

A girl's legs in ripped tights in a classroom. Look at them: bowed, doelike. You almost can't notice the legwarmers bunching near the bottom, but they add some slight mass to greater emphasize the narrow adolescence of these legs. It's only not an upskirt photo because it's too dark. That skirt is short. The hem of a baggy brown sweater, and you already know what kind of outfit she's wearing. Her tiny body is swimming in oversized clothing, with just those willowy legs emerging from beneath. I surmise that she has some seriously perky itty bitty titties.

What is she doing in an empty classroom? Nothing good, judging from the tights. She's a rebel. Maybe she's meeting a teacher for a forbidden encounter. He wants her to leave the skirt on, I'm sure.

But the main lesson from this image is: stop eating, your legs are too fat. These legs are not achieved via exercise, I can tell you that much. These are just god-or-starvation-given stems. Those thighs do not touch each other when her knees are together.

And that's what I learned from this photo.


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