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I have to say, I was ambivalent about this mascara at first. It was my least favourite of all the XXL Pro mascaras.

But it's really growing on me.

It's not in any way dramatic, which is probably why I didn't respond well to it at first. In fact, "Volume" seems like a poor name choice.

But it does lengthen and separate my lashes with practically no clumping.

With this mascara, I notice that my silhouette, when caught out of the corner of my eye, has extraordinarily long lashes. Like a cartoon.

I suppose my shadow likes it more than I do.

But I'm getting there.
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Putting on my makeup in a public bathroom two days in a row, I realize what is truly necessary to make me presentable. I carry the components in my purse at all times.

1. A really nice creamy compact foundation. Powder alone doesn't cut it. I shell out big bucks for this because I'm basically paying for portable skin confidence. I'm currently using Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau compact. It comes with a concealer too, so, bonus. And the sponge it comes with really does the job better than most brushes.

2. One eyeshadow that looks good on its own. I've been hauling around Urban Decay's Asphyxia (a nice iridescent purple) long enough that the one I have is probably a biohazard. But, it looks pretty, so, deal.

3. Black liquid eyeliner. Because without a cat-eye I look like a puny human. I carry around L'Oreal Lineur Intense, Lancome Artliner's cheap younger sister.

4. Mascara. I guess. I feel intellectually that it is necessary. I've been using Guerlain's Noir G refillable mascara because I'm a sucker for a gimmick and the amazing lipstick-shaped bullet fits well in my makeup bag.

5. Bronzer. For mostly psychosomatic contouring and the removal of death pallour. I am incidentally carrying Guerlain's Terracotta Light in Brunettes but I'm sure anything will do.

6. A dark brown powder of some sort. This is for the waterline and under the lower lashline because I have a love-hate relationship with my eye shape. I have one of those old limited edition Guerlain loose powder kohls in a grayish browny shade. I run the stick along my waterline and then under each outer corner. I guess it does stuff.

Surprisingly, I can go without lip colour. Bare lips say, "hey, this is my au naturel look. Pardon the lack of crease shading." Any old lip balm will add the shine you're chasing.


If you think that's a lot, ha! The shit I do in the comfort of my own home could generate a dissertation.
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You don't have to read to the end to fill out the two-minute survey. Every survey filled out generates a $2 donation to The Redwood family support shelter.

For past entries relating to Maybelline Eye Studio, please go here and here and here.

Since I received them over a month ago, I have been using exclusively Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadows. I've been playing with different colour combinations and slowly working my way through all the palettes and duos. Every morning, I'm excited to put on a new set of shades. It's been a lot of fun.

At the beginning, I was pretty diligent about taking photos of myself every day, hopefully in the morning light, so I could share with you how all the colours look. But as a backlog of photos started to build, I realized that I was putting on looks way faster than I was blogging about them. So I quit taking photos quite early in the game.

You'll probably still think there are too many photos in this post.

I followed standard application of the shadows: lightest colour = brow highlight, medium light colour = lid colour, dark/contrast colour = crease colour. They are still in the initial testing stage; my first experiences with these shades should be straightforward if I'm to provide a proper review, right?

My findings so far are: they are pretty. Yes. Very pretty. Definitely need an eyeshadow base to work, though. I tried them one time without a base and I was like, what's wrong? Why do you suck? The colour just wasn't showing up. So be sure to use primer with these to get good results.

Here's Mad for Mauve, using the green colour for the crease (which is why it ain't so mauve), and brown gel liner, came out like a soft smoked look:

The Lawless Lavender colour pearl duo is one of my favourites. It is so soft and pretty. What a goddamn mismatched name. I'll camwhore a little more with this colour because I enjoyed it so much. Here it is with the eggplant gel liner.



I had a harder time with the Sapphire Siren palette. These are rockstar colours, so you best come prepared to blend.



The flipside is that they are very photogenic and flash-friendly. (Unlike me.)



Next is another blue look with the Navy Narcissist colour pearls duo. These photos show how the colour pearls duos have almost no contrast, but are good for creating a gradation of colour across your lid.

I think I was using my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack here.


(Yeah I just thought this picture was cute so I uploaded it.)

Last are a bunch of totally cute photos but, embarrassingly, I am unsure which colours I was using. My best guess is the Green With Envy palette, only I used the sparkly black as the crease colour and none of the green.


God, aren't you sick of my face yet? .... Yeah, neither am I!  

Oh- if you haven't filled out the survey yet, please do! It goes to the marketing company that sends me free stuff, and hopefully affirms that I am a good candidate for free-stuff-giving because I provide entertaining and insightful reviews that make you go 'hmm'! Also it generates a $2 donation to The Redwood family shelter. And everybody wins!
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It may be hard to believe, but I've actually done makeup videos before. And I am highly practised at talking to myself in an empty apartment. But this is a new bathroom, and a new camera. Anyway, here's the piggish mess of my video of me cracking open my Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls marbleized duo in "Carbon Frost", as well as the gel liner in brown and the Curl mascara.

Speaks for itself, really.

I've used one or two other Colour Pearls duos so far and I am being to regret referring to them as duos. They're really not. They're not really two colours at all. Really, they are two instances of the same colour where one is softened by the presence of other colours. Carbon Frost, for instance, is a mixed gray and then a very deep gray. This means they blend really really nicely and create a nice gradation on the lid, but not much contrast.

Also, the weird lip brush that comes with the gel liners? Beginning to be my favourite brush for applying gel liner ever. Be sure, however, to flick your thumb across it before you use it for the first time, to loosen up the bristles a little. Out of the package, it's quite stiff as if glued together and doesn't pick up the gel properly.

I have a bunch more "Faces Of The Day" from between shooting this video and today, but I'll space out that content to give us all a good pace! 
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I'd like to open this up right here with a big thank you. Thank you for reading my blog, answering surveys, and being part of a real-life, grown-up audience. It's because of you that Matchstick has seen fit to send me the biggest, baddest, most awesome kit of loot to review that I have yet received — narrowly beating the kickass Harajuku Lovers kit they sent a couple years ago!

Today I received the complete Maybelline Eye Studio set. That's right, all the mascaras, liners and shadows that they released with this collection. And it all came in a glorious train case! I have always wanted a train case, you guys!! 


And here are the goodies inside:


Here are closeups:

Double-ended mascaras: 24 hour bold, curl, extensions and volume 

Gel liners with brushes in blackest black, brown, eggplant and charcoal

Colour Pearls marbleized duos in (left to right): Carbon Frost, Lawless Lavender, Mocha Mirage, Tantalizing Teal
Navy Narcissist, Khaki Craze, Ivy Icon
Sinful Sinnamon, Silver Starlet
Bronze Blowout

Plush quads in: Give Me Gold, Spirited Seas
Mad for Mauve, Copper Chic
Sapphire Siren, Pink Persuasion
Purple Icon, Irresistibly Ivy
Green with Envy, Sunset Seduction
Taupe Temptress, Legendary Lilac

 Don't hate me for the embarrassingly bad names (although I rather like "Sunset Seduction" ).

I joked on Twitter that, with such a big package, I was going to pick out colours for looks using a bingo ball machine. And check it out — all the shadow duos and palettes are numbered! So this series is going to be called Paint By Numbers with Princess Elana. I am going to randomly select numbers and then do a look with the associated colours. It will be awesome.

Of course if there's something you'd actually like to see, please let me know and I'll give that priority.

I bought a new camera (I won't lie, I was pretty excited about doing possible makeup tutorials and went out and got it on that momentum). I'm still learning all of its neat features. It does have video, so please steel yourself to having all of your illusions shattered by how ugly and awkward I really am. And don't worry: any makeup tutorials I do will have silly jokes vs. useful information in some harmonious proportion.


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