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 A new game has been introduced to my repertoire of nightly facewashing sports. Now, alongside the Blowing Nostril Bubbles In My Foaming Face Wash game, we have the...

Lash Or Tube game!!

My fascination with removing the L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara continues.

To play Lash Or Tube:

Step 1: Wear L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara. Enjoy the lengthening effect all day without worrying about the raccoon eye effect. Be impressed by this.
Step 2: Dampen a cotton pad with warm water. Hold it against your lashes for a few moments before gently swiping downwards to pull off the tubes.
Step 3: Examine the flecked tubular masterpiece on your cotton pad. Pick a little black dash on your cotton pad. Is it a fallen eyelash? Or is it just the perfectly preserved body of tubular mascara?? Make your best guess. You can even bend the cotton pad and lift it directly from the surface, intact.
Step 4: Poke at the dash with a fingernail and see if you can bisect it with a sawing motion. If it wriggles and separates, it's a tube. If a layer scrapes off but it maintains structural integrity, it's a lash.


Don't forget to dab away all the wiggly mini-tentacles that may have accumulated on your cheekbones when swiping.

Oh, and as for actual useful information:

This mascara benefits hugely from two key steps in the application process.
- curling first with an eyelash curler
- waiting for at least thirty seconds or more before applying the top coat. I actually applied my cheek colour between base coat and top coat and got much better results than yesterday. I'm pretty sure this is going to replace my Almay Triple Effect as my go-to mascara from now on.

My friends' reactions (paraphrased):

Mary: "I like how your lashes sweep out at the sides, it's very sultry!"
JM: "Yes, they're... very lovely." <-- boy who didn't even know about the existence of eye makeup remover until I told him this mascara didn't require its use
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Beauty Tubes, or Beauty Cthulhubes???

Lash primer is not a new idea. I've used the Guerlain lash primer, which has been out for at least a few years now. The concept behind them, as far as I understand it, is that you first apply a layer of white goop to your lashes before applying the black (or coloured) goop. The white goop achieves two things: it coats and protects your lashes, and builds up a thick layer of goop to which the black (or coloured) goop can adhere. Two layers of goop = more mass, theoretically in both width and length, which is what mascara is kind of supposed to do to your lashes. I have had positive results with lash primers, but the effects haven't been startling enough to merit essentially paying for a redundant tube of mascara.

The drugstore response to department store lash primers is the dual-ended mascara. You pay for one tube, but you get the primer on one end and the black (or coloured) goop on the other. Also, not new.

But make no mistake with the unfortunately-dubbed L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes (toooooobz) mascara, because it's actually quite different.

The story with this product is that the Nourishing Base Coat is not just white goop that bonds to your lash, adding another layer of thickening/lengthening/curling to which you may further add thickening/lengthening/curling goop. It is, you see, a series of tubes. Seriously. As I am to understand their promotional material, it seems that the chemical bonds are different, creating a spiral formation around each hair. The spiral of Double Extend Beauty Tube extends past the edge of your lashes, looping outwards and upwards in an 80% lash extension! And then you brush on the black (or coloured) top coat, which spirals around the white spirals, and you're supposed to get results akin to salon lash extensions.

Getting your eyelashes extended at a salon is a very creepy idea, so it's kind of L'Oreal to offer us a less creepy alternative.

The best — best! — part of this product is that it comes off WITH WATER. Just water. You'd think, gee, all these spirals and loops and tubes, sounds chemically complicated. But water does it. That is the awesomest thing.

So there's the hype around this product before I had even tried it.

So, this is my mascara background:

As a compulsive overbuyer of cosmetics, I have numerous mascaras lying around for me to use at any time. They each have their own special use.

My everyday mascara is Almay Triple Effect. It's a reasonably priced drugstore mascara, with the two-sided brush (half long for upper lashes, half stubby for lower lashes). When I use my Almay, I go from looking sleepy and somewhat alien to looking like I have eyelashes. Not extraordinary eyelashes, but regular, pretty ones. It does the job, and it's cheap. But it is a BITCH to remove. Unless your eye makeup remover is Serious Business, it will take multiple cotton pads and much tugging and wiping to get that sucker off your lashes. If I mess with any eye makeup remover brand outside of MAC or Aveda, it becomes a huge ordeal. I sit there pinching the soaked cotton pad to my eye, waiting for thirty seconds, laboriously swiping downwards, gently but firmly, blah blah blah, and I still get those raccoon eyes of smeared mascara when I wash my face afterwards. Frustrating.

My most beloved mascara is my Guerlain Maxi Lash. It gives me beautiful long, full, fluttery lashes that curve just right on the outer corners. But.... it's like $30 a pop. And if you're serious about makeup hygiene, you'll know that you're supposed to toss mascara after three months. That's a huge expense. Me, I just risk eye infection and keep my Maxi Lash waaaaaaaaaaay past three months, because I'm superficial like that, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Today, I tried the Beauty Tubes without curling my lashes first, just to give it a tough time on its first day. I put on the white primer first and waited thirty seconds for it to dry before applying the top coat.

The primer is definitely the most fun part of application, because you can see the long flecks of white on the tips of your lashes that is alllll tubes. Unlike the Guerlain primer that I've used, it's not coating your entire lash and making it all white. You get these flecks where it's actually extending your lash past its existing length. That is way fun.

The top coat is alright, it bonds properly to the tubes which is, I guess, the important part. I think curling my lashes first when I put it on again tomorrow will help, because all of that extra length didn't really seem to know where to go. They really did look like lash extensions, and made my lashes almost look unfamiliar.

The texture when it dried was a little too crunchy for my preference. Guerlain always feels very soft and natural, which is why I love it. Chanel usually just feels dry, Cover Girl is itchy, and Almay feels kind of stiff but feathery. I'm not a fan of crunchy, though.

The smell is a little bit strong, too, when you open the tube. It's a plasticky chemical smell. I don't normally sniff my mascaras, so it had to be strong for me to notice — plus, I'm quite congested and getting over a bad cold, my nose is stuffed enough that I couldn't really taste my dinner, but I could smell this mascara.

But don't give up yet on L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, because the best is yet to come.

It wears really well. I wore it all day, and then through a SERIOUS Wii Fit/Wii Sports workout with my friend Ella. Ella thought my lashes were lovely. And when I looked in the mirror before bed, I had no mascara shadows under my eyes (Almay is bad for that), and my lashes were still extended. It makes your lashes kind of stand up and contrast against your lids, kind of like a cartoon closeup. I might try to take some comparison photos over the next few days, but I make no promises because I think you need to be a pretty good photographer to capture eyelashes.

Anyway, after holding up all day and looking quite nice, it was time to remove it. I had serious doubts about the tube thing, the warm water thing, but I wanted to give it a chance. I wanted to try to remove it with just warm water, and if I didn't see any tubes, I was going to call it a gimmick.

I just took a cotton pad, wet it, pressed it against my lashes, and pulled down.

And oh my god there were tubes. TOOBZ

Little black squiggles on my cotton pad.

Beauty Cthulhubes.

It was so freaking awesome, I fully gasped.

Removing this mascara isn't just easy, it's actually HILARIOUS.

It even flecks off your lashes and down your cheeks in weird tentacular micro-wormy fallout.

It is so freaky and sci-fi.

For that reason alone, you should get this.



More on this story as it develops. 

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