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dFEI_Ti: electric class?

me: what is your question?

dFEI_Ti: can you take class with electric power ? we can combine together … 3 chain OVERLOAD , ENERGY DRAIN radius , or electric slash etc …

me: I'm trying to promote my vanguards. I'll play whichever vanguard you prefer

dFEI_Ti: and please take equipments level III IV … is platinum

dFEI_Ti: take electric SMASH … phenix vanguard

me: yes boss

dFEI_Ti: arc g + electric SMASH = TECH BURST --> on geth enemy

me: I understand, I have been playing this game for some time

dFEI_Ti: human classes need extra shield against geth … cyclo III or IV

dFEI_Ti: ok

dFEI_Ti: please kick they just bought copies …

me: please stop telling me what to do. let's just have some fun.

dFEI_Ti: a lot of noobs in ME3 should I be quiet ?

dFEI_Ti: my 3 years statistic ---> 90% of noobs

(game starts, with me playing a character I don't often play, specced a way I have literally never specced it. Mr. Bossypants runs off to the basement of Firebase White on his own, insta-gelling whenever he goes down, while the other two players he tried to kick play my usual strategy and are good co-op players. I take second place on the scoreboard beneath Bossypants and mostly just try to hold the squad together.)

dFEI_Ti: hm you died more than 10 times (geth turret?) … you don't need shield

me: why so mean? we all have something to learn from each other. try to enjoy yourself.

(game takes pity on me and boots me from his lobby. I join up with a friend and try to have a good time but fail Wave 10. my heart still pounds. why did I try to be nice to him? why did I accommodate his demands? why didn't I get on my headset and tell him that me spending my level IV gear will never make as much of a difference as him getting on mic and playing co-operatively? ugh. I feel way worse than I did when I started playing. this is the sort of experience that made me never want to play multiplayer games in the first place.)

(In conclusion, go fuck yourself, dFEI_Ti, wherever you are. Try to be nice. It's a good game, just try to enjoy it. Maybe you are confusing "noob" with "being a separate human being from yourself".)

(ugh, he really got under my skin. Mass Effect is supposed to be my happy place. I wish I never had this encounter.)
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I finally convinced J-M to set aside Mass Effect multiplayer and play Mass Effect 1, which recently came out for the Playstation. He was having a grand old time until his first encounter with the Mako.

Two senseless game overs later, both of which respawned him at the very beginning of the level, he said that if we had bought this on disc, he would have snapped it in half already. He is now continuing solely as a favour to me. My job is now to say "save save save save save save" every time there are no enemies on the radar.

I did warn him, I swear. I personally have a "drive past all enemies" policy in all Mako missions, but poor J-M's acquisitive nature does not permit him to walk away from any enemy drops.
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J-M just stole a melee kill from a krogan sentinel and started singing (after Seal):

"Been KS'ed by a rose on the gray…
Now that your Blood Rage is gone…"

loooool I dare you to finish the song
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in Mass Effect multiplayer, anyway.
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I'm watching J-M play his volus engineer on Firebase Glacier. Our friend is a Phoenix Adept. He's dropping a recon mine on a spawn point while she drops a singularity on the same spot. Then he peppers it with proximity mines. He also has an Acolyte with cryo rounds.

It's just a kitty cat parade of boom booms. It's more like farming than FB:W/G/G ever was.
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Yeah, I judge people who equip adepts with slow, heavy sniper rifles. Like right now we're playing in a squad with an N7 Fury Adept rocking the Widow. I turn my nose up at that. I do.


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