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It may be hard to believe, but I've actually done makeup videos before. And I am highly practised at talking to myself in an empty apartment. But this is a new bathroom, and a new camera. Anyway, here's the piggish mess of my video of me cracking open my Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls marbleized duo in "Carbon Frost", as well as the gel liner in brown and the Curl mascara.

Speaks for itself, really.

I've used one or two other Colour Pearls duos so far and I am being to regret referring to them as duos. They're really not. They're not really two colours at all. Really, they are two instances of the same colour where one is softened by the presence of other colours. Carbon Frost, for instance, is a mixed gray and then a very deep gray. This means they blend really really nicely and create a nice gradation on the lid, but not much contrast.

Also, the weird lip brush that comes with the gel liners? Beginning to be my favourite brush for applying gel liner ever. Be sure, however, to flick your thumb across it before you use it for the first time, to loosen up the bristles a little. Out of the package, it's quite stiff as if glued together and doesn't pick up the gel properly.

I have a bunch more "Faces Of The Day" from between shooting this video and today, but I'll space out that content to give us all a good pace! 
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Hail from my bed, where I am lounging today to rest my ankle, which is apparently sprained due to walking in wedge heels for weeks and weeks. There's nothin' wrong with walking in heels; it only becomes an issue when you start to wear out said heels and they go from being the sexy kind of unstable --> to the very very bad kind of unstable, where you turn your ankle one too many times and wake up the next morning with a limp. Not hot.

Yesterday I cracked open the Give Me Gold quad from my Maybelline Eye Studio set. I know I said I would randomize the numbers bingo ball style, but who am I kidding? My very special kind of OCD demands that I go in numerical sequential order. So. Give Me Gold, plus the black gel liner, and the 24-hour bold mascara.

After trying — and failing — to get an acceptable camera setup to shoot video, I had about ten minutes before I had to go to work. So all I gots for you are some photos of the finished ten-minute look.

I only used three of the four colours in the quad: from left to right below, I used colour #2 as the lid colour, #4 as the crease colour, and #1 for the brow bone.


So maybe I should review the products, yeah?

Let me first say, this is my first encounter with Maybelline. I've never owned a single thing they've ever made. I'm not into drugstore makeup in general. Most of my shadows are Guerlain, MAC, or Urban Decay; some Lancôme, some mineral makeup brands, but any drugstore shadows I own were gifts. I'm a sucker for packaging (my top three brands should have made that a dead giveaway) and makeup that can be hung on pegs just doesn't get my motor running. It gives me low expectations.

My expectations: chalky, low colour payoff, irregular deposition on lids.
My discovery: buttery smooth, HUGE colour payoff, holy shit.

I have to say, I'm starting to feel ripped off at the prices I've been paying for boutique brands.

I loaded up my brush with the gold and patted it on my lid and I was like HOLY SHIT SO MUCH GOLD WHAT DO I DO WITH IT ALL

This eyeshadow is not messing around.

The brown crease colour is also quite nice, very buildable and blendy. I used my beloved MAC 217 — the holy grail of crease brushes — and even though I had about thirty seconds to do my crease, it was quite sufficient. The colour wasn't fussy at all.

I used my 227 for the highlight colour, which was quite sufficient as well.

I must warn you though, all of these colours are exceedingly shimmery, including the highlight. There's no matte colour to balance it out; i.e. if the lid colour is shimmery, brow bone should be matte, or the reverse. That's my only major critique of this palette, and from the look of the rest of the collection, they all have that problem. You can tell how shimmery it is from the photo of the palette much better than the photos of my face.

In summary:

Maybelline Eye Studio Plush quads-
colour payoff: excellent
texture: excellent
price: excellent
subtlety: not so much.

That's one thing you can count on department store brands to do. They really push the "conceptual" quality of their palettes. That plus packaging = inordinate prices, I suppose. The Eye Studio packaging isn't half bad, by the way. They're solidly made, and the lids close with a satisfying click. But they're made to be used, unlike some Guerlain products I've bought which are so fucking beautiful that I dare not even use them. Kind of ridiculous really.

Onwards to the gel liner:

I used the brush that came with it, just to give it a try. I wasn't convinced at first. It's kind of like a stiff, stubby lip brush. It's not angled or anything.

I happen to own MAC Fluidline, and I use it with an Urban Decay angled brow brush. I have a lot of trouble with that combination; the colour doesn't deposit regularly, and it looks kind of bumpy. I can't get a clean swoop the way I can with liquid liner. (My favourite is Lancôme Artliner; Guerlain's liquid liner is okay. Really nice brush, but don't get it in blue, blue is a fiddly little sonofabitch. Brown is much better.) I expected the problems I've had with Fluidline, plus plus; this is a drugstore brand right? And everyone looooves Fluidline. So it must be worse.

I don't know what the hell happened but it was much much easier to work with than Fluidline. It just came on BLACK. The same black from start to finish. Didn't get weird or dry or irregular at the end of the swoosh. I'm not quite as practised with gel as I am with liquid, but I look forward to getting better.

Lastly: the 24-hour mascara. This is a weird double-ended mascara. Unlike the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes I reviewed a while back, this is not a primer-mascara combo. Step 1 is the mascara; Step 2 is a "seal" of some kind. I've never seen anything like it. But I dutifully obeyed the instructions (after curling with a lash curler, of course); I think you'll be pleased with the result.


Those are some doe-ass eyes, girl. (wait, what?)

The seal kept the mascara fresh all day. The only smudging in the afternoon came from the Guerlain kohl that I used on my waterline. I can always count on it for that. (But I love it so.)

Speaking of other products used on my face, you are about to see how long it has been since I have been able to afford new makeup.

I used:
Guerlain eye primer (the old, goopy formula in the circular packaging which no longer exists)
Guerlain L'Or face primer (soooo decadent)
Guerlain Fleur de Teint foundation (discontinued)
MAC Select Moisturecover on my undereye suitcases ()
MAC Studio Finish concealer on my numerous kitty spots (I'm a leopard)
MAC Hello Kitty Mystery Powder (my greatest prize; limited edition, discontinued)
Guerlain powder kohl in blue on waterline (discontinued  )
Shiseido blush duo in #5 Pink (super super natural on me; discontinued)
Lancôme Juicy Tube lipgloss in Glacier (limited edition, discontinued)

When I can stand up again, I'm going to play with the Colour Pearls marbleized duos. Also I think I'd like to do a Two-Face thing where I do one eye with Maybelline Eye Studio and the other eye with my boutique brand dupes (Fluidline, etc.). Yay fun!




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