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(Transcribed from handwritten notebook. I dare you to find a copy of Heidegger's Poetry, Language, Thought and read along.)

Thank god I think this translation is okay

Okay so we're starting with the abolition of remoteness, due to media and air travel. Still with you.
Oh okay so the shit-talk starts: stuff can still be far even if it is rendered near by media and air travel. "Short distance is not in itself nearness." I hate you so fucking much.
So back to original point: abolition of distance = everything is equally far/near, nothing is far/near.


Okay so he wants to examine nearness but he thinks he needs to define "thing" first. OH THAT'S EASY

Thing: self-sustained, independent [<-- meaningless because it's self-sustained because it was made that way/placed there - relational]
Object: relational. Things become objects when we place them in front of us and perceive them/bring them to mind in a recolletion. Thingness cannot be defined in terms of objectness because it continues to be a thing when it stops being an object.
So his solution is to flip it. The jug has to be made in this way because it is a holding vessel. (Platonic ideal, n'est-ce pas?) Well he thinks he's deeper than Plato. Basically the objects instantiate themselves whether by making themselves or by being made, based on some kind of fucking thing-soul rather than a Platonic ideal based on appearance and morphology.

The jug is actually manipulating empty space into doing the "holding" for it! Ooh how clevah AGENCY! So a potter is shaping the void! Oh myyyy. The wall's purpose is for holding itself upright!

Oh I'm sorry I'm HEIDEGGER I don't LIKE science ooh hoo hoo FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~
...Yes um so he sets aside a scientific approach which states that the jug is not actually empty because he is trying to get at a non-scientific notion of thingness which really makes no sense in a scientific monistic paradigm so he would rather carve out this fucking nonsense bullshit masturbatory playground for him to waggle his wang at
I'm sorry go cry at the destruction of your stupid cosmology. Science takes a piss in your Cheerios FUCKFACE

You're damn right science is superior to all other experience in "reaching the real in its reality" you redundant FREAK
WAAAA WAAAA Future Shock go to bed

Goes on some nonsensical tirade about holding and keeping and taking and outpouring and gifts. Then he's seemingly on drugs and starts talking about springs and rocks and earth and rain and sky and vines and fruit containing earth sun and water (oh so he's drunk then) - oh so jugs contain sky and earth, ohhhh WHAT
You useless son of a fuck take some goddamn anti-psychotics
YOU ARE ON DRUGS I hate you no more notes
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It's become pretty much uncool to believe in parapsychological phenomena these days. People are reacting so hard against the intense religious crackpottery in this world, that anything that isn't consistent with currently accepted scientific/empirical data is reacted to with kneejerk laughter and mockery.

That, of course, is a sign of insecurity.

Now, I will laugh my ass off at anyone who claims they know that there are parapsychological phenomena, and that they know exactly how they work. That's just the same religious hubris that scared us all off in the first place.

But bearing all this in mind, here's a little flight of fantasy that I came up with years ago that might explain psychic phenomena, if they do exist. Because just because science hasn't explained or acknowledged it yet doesn't mean they might not approach it in the future.

To the other philosophy majors in the audience: this is about philosophy of mind, really. This is how I reconcile my temptation to central state materialism with a deep conviction of monism. Here it comes.

What if there's another dimension to the universe. I don't really care how we keep count, if time is the fourth dimension, if there are ten other spatial dimensions, I don't care. Just lay another one on top, or curled into, or folded in, or whatever the fuck metaphor you want, on the entire universe and everything in it.

So every object, including people, exists in space, time, and this other dimension too.

I guess we can call it the dimension of mind. But not mind in that introspective, mind-as-identity, locked-up, only I have access to it kind of mind. Sort of like a pan-psychic dimension.

Our brains — objects in space and time, little doubt about that — have this freaky connection, they're twinned with this non-physical phenomenon called a mind, and that seems to be in a one-to-one ratio. Or maybe it's kind of like an aggregate of mind-dimension anchored to this segment of space-time-object, or attached by a kite string, or something like that. Philosophers are still trying to figure out how mind and body associate, whether they're separate or together. Our brains are clearly doing most of the work, but it's still mysterious what consciousness is. Lots of things have brains, but the existence of consciousness is a lot more difficult to pin down. That's what I'm referring to here.

So, our eyes and hands and ears all have the power to detect and parse things in the space and time dimensions, and our brains have the power to detect and parse things in the mind dimension. Is that possible?

And what if the one-to-one ratio of brain to mind isn't so solid? What if that aggregate of mind-dimension, kite-strung to our brains, is actually swirling in a soup of lots of other mind-aggregates, which are mirroring other brains in this more familiar dimension?

Or maybe our brains can sometimes peer into the distance and detect some other part of mind-matter that wasn't previously accessible.

Or maybe somebody else's mind-aggregate sidles up really close and bumps up against ours, and an exchange occurs?

Or maybe two mind-aggregates twine together and little bits of themselves gain the ability to flash back and forth?

And what happens when a whole bunch of mind-aggregates are thinking about the same thing, constructing the same shape in that mind dimension? Maybe it's a wish, or a plan, or a fear, or a dead person. It becomes something huge in that dimension. What impact might that have on other minds in the vicinity? And what impact might that have on the people tethered to them in this world that we know?

Is this dimension expanding as the human population continues to grow?


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