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All those years reading about extreme body modification, and it made its way subliminally into my fanfic.

Tune in next Friday to find the terrifying obscure phrase I worked into my sex scene that may or may not be the most horrifying boner killer ever to emerge from innocent Googling.
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I tell ya, it is fucking easy to write characters when they've already got voice actors who've logged hundreds of hours in the booth fleshing out how they deliver dialogue.
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I'm trying to pick a title for next week's chapter of "The Phenomenology of Shepard". I'm listening to symphonies to try to pick a music term that suits the tone and tempo of the scene.

What's a good Italian word / classical music term that complements super hot and sexy kama sutra shit? Like, not frenetic pounding, but the kind of sex where you're both holding so still because of the straining oh-my-god-ness of it? There must be a word for this.
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I'm sitting on the floor in front of our washing machine, working on my fanfic while J-M's shirts go through the spin cycle.

It makes me feel like I'm multitasking, when I'm really just multitasking two excellent forms of procrastination from doing my comps readings.

I've been struggling with the same scene for what feels like weeks. I realized it was because I wasn't sure what my philosophical position was on the issues. Mass Effect has some real philosophy in it, and I'm dealing with the Legion loyalty mission right now. The debate between death and rewrite gains some seriously recursive complexity when combined with the amnesia that my Shepard is experiencing. It's been quite difficult.

I deployed my usual strategy that I revert to when I hit writer's block for a paper, or anything really: I slap in a couple of carriage returns, change my font colour, and then start a bit of stream-of-consciousness on the issue.

It never fails.

Now I have a philosophical skeleton for this conversation between two characters, and all I have to do is turn it into dialogue. Easy peasy.


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