Sep. 3rd, 2008

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To avoid spamming my Twitter followers, I took this Twitter @-reply discussion to IM.

I Tweeted about how the new Star Wars were shit, and he started discussion with me, and I tracked down his Yahoo ID.

This did not start off as an example of Internet Socrates, but it eventually became one, and then it became Elana Flipping Out At People Who've Had Too Many Fucking Relativist Elementary School Teachers.

alienne4: No, I just thought the movies were shit.
young_pharell: why is that?
alienne4: Because they were shit. They looked like bad student films.
young_pharell: very true
young_pharell: quick question: how did you get my yahoo account to IM me?
alienne4: Your Twitter profile links to your Blogger. Your Blogger profile has your Yahoo ID.
young_pharell: wow...did some hunting huh?
young_pharell: that's cool
alienne4: Yeah, I didn't want to spam my followers with @-replies.
young_pharell: i didnt even realize that
alienne4: Everyone has IM. It's not usually too hard to find.
young_pharell: u should read my blog sometime
alienne4: Yeah?
young_pharell: you might like it
alienne4: What makes you say that?
young_pharell: i am very harsh
alienne4: You think I like harsh?
young_pharell: and i keep it real
young_pharell: i think you like people keeping it real
alienne4: So far (the third sentence) it seems a little self-aggrandizing
young_pharell: yeah...that sounds like me
alienne4: Ha ha ha. Okay, I will continue to give it a chance
young_pharell: thanks
alienne4: I don't know man, I see a lot of value in doing experiments to determine the existence of theoretical particles
young_pharell: but l;ooking for something like that doesnt change anything becasue even if you find it, we dont have the tech to even start to learn how to manipulate it in order for it to be beneficial to mankind
young_pharell: and more than likely the tech will just be used to make a bigger more bad ass bomb
alienne4: Have you ever read any Plato? Like when he explains the value of philosophy?
young_pharell: i love philospohy
alienne4: So then you've read Plato and you know his argument about the value of philosophy (I THINK it was him)
young_pharell: Socrates did the same thing, but twisted it some, and I like his better
alienne4: Socrates never wrote anything. His philosophy is allegedly recorded in Plato's writing.
young_pharell: more detailed and applicable to my life and experiences
alienne4: I'm referring to a Platonic dialogue that was written in Socrates' voice
young_pharell: the thoughts were attributed to Socrates
alienne4: Okay then anyway you know what I'm talking about
young_pharell: yep
alienne4: Then you know where I'm going with the argument as it applies to theoretical physics
young_pharell: pretty much...and that is a very good rebuttal
alienne4: I like it. 
young_pharell: i think my best blog post so far is the one about Obama's nomination speech.
young_pharell: It' long, but i would really value your opinion on it
alienne4: I didn't hear the speech so I probably won't understand it at all.
young_pharell: as it seems you know a lot about a lot
alienne4: Meh, not really, I just studied philosophy in university
young_pharell: i quoted the speech where I needed to
alienne4: Oh okay, where can I find the entry?
young_pharell: its the one that says "Sounded Good...But I Know It's Bullshit"
alienne4: This is very long and doesn't seem to really be about his speech at all
alienne4: So, what, are you an anarchist?
young_pharell: yes ma'am
alienne4: Oh, I see. I'm pretty idealistic, I believe there can be good government. I think democracy is alright, although we can obviously do better if we try.
young_pharell: the last time we had good government is when the country was founded
alienne4: I'm Canadian
young_pharell: when they still had the ideals freash in their mind'
alienne4: America disgusts me in general
young_pharell: it sould
young_pharell: i am extrememly anti-government
young_pharell: i was an intel analyst in the military, so that's what made me anti-government
alienne4: I can understand how living in America would make one rather bitter
young_pharell: yes it does
alienne4: Maybe if you try visiting other places you might get a nice hit of shiny optimism
young_pharell: i have been around the world
alienne4: Was there anywhere you think you'd rather live?
young_pharell: not sure really
young_pharell: probably Japan
alienne4: Yeah, same here!
young_pharell: great place
alienne4: Although if you have a problem with racism, you might not be able to palate it for very long
young_pharell: I was there for 2 weeks
young_pharell: I already know about it
alienne4: Yeah, it's the one thing discouraging me from packing up and moving there right now
young_pharell: but Asian girls love black guys!
young_pharell: yay for me
alienne4: Even if that generalization is true... that's still racism
young_pharell: but its in my favor...and I feel like all the racism i have been through that was against me, I deserve a little racism in my favor
alienne4: Heh, sure, although having a real relationship with someone who is interested in you based on race... that's probably going to be a little icky
young_pharell: plus its because of the the fact that japan is obsessed with the hip-hop culture, so black guys are like the Holy Grail
alienne4: Hmmm, that's certainly taking the positive view of things
young_pharell: I am not looking for Ms. Right, I am looking for Ms. Right Now
young_pharell: lmao
alienne4: Ah, well then, fair enough and good luck
young_pharell: that was a joke darling
young_pharell: gotta lighten up
alienne4: Oh sorry, I didn't think it was an unreasonable thing to say though
young_pharell: its cool
young_pharell: so where in canada are you
alienne4: No no, I mean, I took you seriously, nothing wrong with looking for Ms. Right Now. I live in Toronto.
young_pharell: i Love Toronto
alienne4: It's alright
young_pharell: yall got the best lookin women on this continent
alienne4: Is that so!
young_pharell: yes ma'am
alienne4: I saw a lot of hot chicks in Chicago, although I was there for Lollapalooza so that might have skewed the statistics a little bit
young_pharell: yeah...they aren't that hot, plus I primarily date black chicks
alienne4: Ha ha ha, you say with absolute certainty that lining up Chicago's women and Toronto's women, Toronto will have measurably hotter women?
young_pharell: Yes...I can say that for a facr
young_pharell: fact
alienne4: Please explain!
young_pharell: all out women here are overweight
alienne4: Oh, I see.
young_pharell: i can't stand fat women
young_pharell: so repulsive
alienne4: Fair enough.
young_pharell: it is
young_pharell: i pride myself on being in shape
alienne4: That's good
young_pharell: fat women...ewww...and since I am in shape that is all that seem to be attracted to me
young_pharell: and fat women are hella persistent
alienne4: How interesting. Or perhaps you are just now preoccupied with weight and appearance and you're noticing fatness more
young_pharell: nah...I have noticed fatness my whole life, and the older I get the more I am repulsed by it
alienne4: Interesting
young_pharell: it would be like no showering or having bad teeth
young_pharell: preventable problems
alienne4: You seem very fixated on it
young_pharell: it is my 2nd biggest pet peeve
alienne4: And the first?
young_pharell: fucked up feet
alienne4: Interesting
young_pharell: and shallowness
young_pharell: lmao
alienne4: What a strange joke
young_pharell: i just had a Sarah Palin moment
young_pharell: never mind
alienne4: I get it
young_pharell: nah, but willingly ignorant people and fat people piss me off
alienne4: Understood
young_pharell: so if someone is fat and stupid, i will probably yell random insults at them
alienne4: Sounds fun (and easy)
young_pharell: very easy
young_pharell: try it someyime
alienne4: Personally, being stupid is much more disturbing to me than being fat
young_pharell: that's why stupidity is my number one pet peeve
alienne4: Really the important thing is to know how to dress for one's body type
young_pharell: they don't...not in America
alienne4: Yes, I get that impression
young_pharell: women here dress far out their weight class
alienne4: Yes, that is a problem
young_pharell: yea its a huge problem, no pun intended
alienne4: Would you mind if I kept a transcript of this conversation in my LiveJournal?
young_pharell: why would you want to do that?
alienne4: Because I thought it was funny.
young_pharell: oh yeah, go anead
alienne4: Thanks! 
young_pharell: my ex-wife used livejournal...she was a lying slut
alienne4: Ick! Oh my! What happened??
young_pharell: cheated on me, got pregnant by another guy and told me the baby was mines.
alienne4: Oh god... that's fucking awful.
young_pharell: yep
alienne4: I'm sorry to hear it but I'm glad you ditched her ass
young_pharell: of course I did
young_pharell: low tolerance for bullshit
alienne4: Well of course, but some people are gluttons for punishment.
young_pharell: not me
alienne4: Good for you.
young_pharell: though i did re-enlist in the military once
alienne4: Heh heh, something must have inspired you?
young_pharell: yep...blowing shit up
young_pharell: lol
alienne4: Hilarious. What's the awesomest thing you ever blew up?
young_pharell: three-story building
alienne4: Using what?
young_pharell: rocket laucher
alienne4: Fucking. A.
young_pharell: yep
young_pharell: killed like 12 terrorists
young_pharell: well...insurgents
alienne4: Goddamn... what's your stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
young_pharell: my stance? If you have a war based on religious belief then both sides deserve to be slapped across the face with my dick
alienne4: It's not based on religious belief though.
young_pharell: its foundation is in the old testament
young_pharell: so it is
alienne4: What?!
young_pharell: David and Goliath
young_pharell: Palestime vs. Israel
alienne4: Oh, I don't think anyone really attributes the conflict to that story.
young_pharell: but the thing is...THEY do
alienne4: Who's they?
young_pharell: and that's the problem
alienne4: Which? Who says that? I've never heard it before.
young_pharell: ask people in Israel
young_pharell: I have
young_pharell: I been there
alienne4: Goliath wasn't an Arab. I've been to Israel too.
young_pharell: they feel like they have the moral authority given to them through their religious beliefs
alienne4: You talked to the wrong people, buddy
young_pharell: and the Palestians feel the same
alienne4: I don't know, people usually spin a more historical/ethnic angle in the discourse around here.
young_pharell: i think both sides are dumb because they have the same skin color and are from the same region. Get over it. Suck it up. Get Along. Shut the hell up
alienne4: What does skin colour have to do with it?? Good lord
young_pharell: there is no justifiable reason to blow up a bus with innocent people on it or shoot missles into people's homes at random
alienne4: I absolutely agree with that.
young_pharell: and both sides deserve to be dick-slapped for that alone
alienne4: Wait, what? Only one side did any bus-blowing-up or house-rocket-launching
young_pharell: Palestinian's have blown up open air markets and HAMAS has expressed solidarity with Al-Qeada
young_pharell: and Isreal in kind just shoots milles over there at random blowing shit up
alienne4: I'm pretty sure that's not true about the random blowing shit up thing.
young_pharell: I know an Isreali ex-Missle Systems Guidance officer. He said some targets were suspected strongholds, but some they knew were populated religious targets
alienne4: Well as much as I'd love to just believe whatever anyone says, I've never heard of that happening
young_pharell: of course not...just like you have never heard of people in the military raping thousands of Iraqi women
young_pharell: but it happened
young_pharell: and I have seen it
alienne4: But you'd expect there to be insane coverage of every tiny thing the Israeli military does. I mean, there are reports of things that *didn't* happen, so you can be damn sure there'll be reports of anything that *did*
young_pharell: not necessarily...a gun in your face is a very convincing way to get someone to not air a story
alienne4: If they were doing that, all the false reports wouldn't make it out either
young_pharell: sometimes the false reports are sent out on prupose
young_pharell: by some with a hidden agenda
young_pharell: trust me...I worked as n Intel analyst....I worked with the CIA and NSA...even our government lets bullshiot reports get out and sometimes puts them out themselves to distract people
alienne4: I mean the false reports by the cracked bastards who take photos of their friends posing and pretending to be dead in different parts of the territories
young_pharell: they cant control everything
young_pharell: where there is a will, there is a way
alienne4: Amateur bullshit that they sell to Reuters, that sort of thing. Anyway, if they can't control that, how can they keep a leak of them randomly missiling residential buildings? That shit gets out!
young_pharell: trust me...we did it all the time in Iraq
young_pharell: its very possible
alienne4: I completely believe that you could do it in Iraq, but Israel is crawling with media who are frothing at the mouth to get the next big Israel Is Evil story
young_pharell: somewhat true
young_pharell: but money is power, and jewish people definitely have money
young_pharell: and they do send it back to Israel
alienne4: There isn't just one kind of power, and throwing money at grassroots terrorist organizations doesn't work too well.
young_pharell: doesnt work too well? works well enough I would say in Iraq
alienne4: Ha ha ha, well, okay, you can obliterate everyone, that works. But Israel I guess doesn't want to just obliterate everyone.
young_pharell: remember the 6-day war?
alienne4: I wasn't alive for it, but I studied it
young_pharell: well i wasnt either, but i studied it as well
alienne4: Okay, so why do you bring it up?
young_pharell: because i personally think if Isreal really wanted to, they could beat the military of all the surrounding countries...they just couldn't control the land or the people...thats why they don't
alienne4: You don't personally think that, that's pretty much a fact. But the conflict in the region isn't with actual standing militaries, it's with people, and women, and kids.... it's horrible, and you can't just send tanks in to fight that... well I guess if you're America you can, but not if you're Israel.
young_pharell: hey, theat's the American way, but not my way
young_pharell: I believe that peopel should be able to do whatever the fuck they want to as long as they don't screw with anyone else
alienne4: It's not just about being the American way, it's about not having to really care about international retribution because you're on essentially your own fucking continent
young_pharell: very true
young_pharell: how old are you?
alienne4: 24
young_pharell: i am 23
alienne4: Your profile says 22 
young_pharell: I am much colser to 42 days away from 23
alienne4: Ah okay, but you don't get to wear the 23 badge just yet! Sorrryyyyyy ha ha ha
young_pharell: well, you are very intelligent for a 24 year old...that's sexy
alienne4: Thank you, but you're younger than me... how do you know how intelligent a 24-year old is supposed to be?
young_pharell: because I know plenty of people older than you who are WAYYYYY stupider than you and I
alienne4: Oh, true that, hear hear
young_pharell: exactly
young_pharell: so you are very impressive
alienne4: Thank you!
young_pharell: do you keep a blog?
alienne4: Hmm, not really. I mean, if you're looking for a collection of political writings and opinion pieces like yours, I certainly don't do anything like that.
young_pharell: awww...why not? I am sure you have a lot of insight
alienne4: Ha ha, thank you, I'm flattered. I don't know, it just seems so presumptuous to post a blog about my opinion... who am I to claim that my opinion matters so much that I should broadcast it to everyone and expect people to take the time to read?
young_pharell: we do it all the time
alienne4: But not on the Internet
young_pharell: the news is like that...CNN is like that
alienne4: Yeah, I don't watch CNN
young_pharell: Perception is relaity m dear
young_pharell: *reality
alienne4: I hate that idea so very very much
young_pharell: SOme people would like to know your reality
young_pharell: I hate it too, but it is truth
alienne4: Hah, I doubt that
young_pharell: Well, I would at least like to know
alienne4: Well you've got me seriously considering it.
young_pharell: so if there is anything you feel very strongly about you can always write a guest blog on my site
alienne4: Interesting idea!
young_pharell: i think so too
alienne4: How do I do that?
young_pharell: I would add you to my blog allowed list where you would be able to log into my blog and write a post
alienne4: Coooooool!
young_pharell: i just sent you an invite to it
alienne4: Thank you! ....which email address did you use?
alienne4: Oh, I mean, which email address did you send it to?
young_pharell: this one you are on now
alienne4: Oh, best if you use that's my Google account
young_pharell: okay hold on
young_pharell: invite sent
alienne4: Thank you!
young_pharell: i just looked at your twitter are a cute white girl...very up to Toronto standard
alienne4: I object to being called white
young_pharell: what are you?
alienne4: Pink!
alienne4: Well, with yellow undertones
alienne4: I'm a MAC C4
alienne4: I guess mostly yellow?
young_pharell: I can concur with that...
young_pharell: lol
alienne4: Yeah, I usually have to get neutral-toned foundation, or else use pink in some parts and yellow in others
young_pharell: I never have worn I have no clue
alienne4: Yeah, it's tricky business, you wouldn't believe!
young_pharell: I am sure
alienne4: The MAC system is a pretty standardized way to discuss it in online beauty circles though
young_pharell: gotcha
young_pharell: so are you interested in writing a guest blog?
alienne4: I think so! It sounds like a fun challenge.
young_pharell: you can do it on whatever you like!
alienne4: That's pretty awesome!
young_pharell: including make-up foundation
alienne4: Ha ha ha, wicked.
young_pharell: wicked...haven't heard that phrase in a long time
alienne4: I use it a great deal
young_pharell: i noticed
young_pharell: so what do you do for a living?
alienne4: I manage a comic book shop.
young_pharell: really? I love comic books!
alienne4: Me too!
young_pharell: Not reading them...but the stores themselevs
young_pharell: themselves
alienne4: Oh, how strange, I feel the opposite way
young_pharell: I am constantly on wikipedia reaing the different backstories and histories behind comic book characters
alienne4: Oh, you meant "stories", not "stores", ha ha ha
young_pharell: but I do still have my death of superman in mint condition, the collection and the actual separate issues.
alienne4: Yeah, I love comics.
young_pharell: american or japanese
alienne4: I mostly read American ones.
young_pharell: oh okay
young_pharell: favorite character?
alienne4: Gambit! Ha ha ha
young_pharell: WOW!
alienne4: Love him rrrrrrorwwrwowww
young_pharell: He was my favorite for years
young_pharell: I wanted his accent
alienne4: So fucking excited for the movie
young_pharell: There is a MOVIE!!!

young_pharell: when???

alienne4: Yes, he's going to be in the Wolverine Origins movie next spring.
young_pharell: oh
young_pharell: i am pissed they never put him in the x-men movies
young_pharell: so do you have a myspace or a facebook?
alienne4: Taylor Kitsch was cast as Gambit and he is so hotttrrrwoaaowowowo. I have both.
young_pharell: really? whats your myspace?
young_pharell: mines is
alienne4: Right on
young_pharell: check it out
alienne4: You're a poet?
young_pharell: from time to time...when the mood hits me
alienne4: Anywhere I can read your stuff?
young_pharell: in my notebooks
young_pharell: never post my stuff online
alienne4: Aww, fair enough.
young_pharell: yeah, its a spoken word thing, so i never post them to be read, because it won't have the same effect
alienne4: Oh, but you can post a recording of a performance!
young_pharell: I haven't perfomed poetry since my divorce
young_pharell: I focused on my DJ'ing and on my comedy
alienne4: Well, maybe someday! I'm sure you have lots of material now. 
young_pharell: Nah...I haven't written anything since then either
alienne4: I have to say I'm very surprised to hear you do comedy.
young_pharell: why...I'm a funny motherfucka
alienne4: That's quite possible, you just seem to take yourself very seriously.
young_pharell: no I don't...if anything, I tell everyone else to lighten up and that life is too short to take yourself seriously
alienne4: Ha ha ha, that's just another example of puffing up your own wisdom
young_pharell: hey...I think I am a great guy...nothing wrong with being confident
alienne4: I didn't suggest you weren't a great guy!
young_pharell: i am like a Kanye West without the record deal
alienne4: Kanye West kind of gags me a little
young_pharell: why do you say that?
alienne4: I don't know, he just seems to take himself WAAAAY too seriously and thinks he's a lot smarter than possibly he actually is
young_pharell: if you listen to his lyrics, he knows what he knows and he isn't gonna let anyone tell him different.
alienne4: Yeah, that doesn't turn me on.
young_pharell: lol...didn't think it would.
alienne4: I prefer humility and the desire to learn
young_pharell: you can't tell me about my personal experience, because they are mines
alienne4: Oh, absolutely true.
young_pharell: that's how Kanye is...most of his songs and what he says comes from his personal experience...that's why people can't tell him nothin
alienne4: I guess his experiences don't interest me.
young_pharell: he even made a song about it... "Can't Tell Me Nothin'
alienne4: Ugh, how unattractive
young_pharell: why do you say that?
alienne4: "Can't Tell Me Nothin'"? Translates to "I am a closed-minded bastard" in my head
young_pharell: just the title of the shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
alienne4: I'm just saying the title is unattractive.
young_pharell: unless it's a Soulja Boy's gonna be bullshit no matter what
alienne4: I have no opinion on Soulja Boy
young_pharell: i do...hje fuckin sucks
alienne4: I see no reason not to believe you
young_pharell: lol
young_pharell: i think you would enjoy this.
alienne4: Wow, I didn't even have to let the video load before I knew I would hate it
young_pharell: lol
young_pharell: but it is funny
alienne4: Aaaand I'm never just clicking a link you send me again
young_pharell: lol
young_pharell: why is that?
alienne4: You have lost my link trust
young_pharell: lmao
young_pharell: what was wrong with that link?
alienne4: It was stupid
young_pharell: it was funny
young_pharell: you need to expand your sense of humor
alienne4: It's spoofing a song I don't know with Asian racism?
young_pharell: hey, if asians make fun of themselves, I aint trippin
alienne4: Why should I laugh at that though?
young_pharell: u act as if it was a buch of white guys being racist or something
young_pharell: because its stupid
young_pharell: thats why
young_pharell: stereotypes are funny.
alienne4: I don't laugh at stupid things. Stupid things make my head hurt and make me wish I hadn't seen them
young_pharell: I think stereotypes make the world go around...they could either be funny or damaging
alienne4: I hate stereotypes
young_pharell: depending on how much emphasis you put on them
alienne4: hate hate hate
young_pharell: i love them...stereotypes only exist because there is an element of truth behind them
young_pharell: you can't deny that
young_pharell: I hated stereotypes too, but even I couldn't deny that logic
alienne4: I like to think that I am intelligent enough to grasp the subtle truths of the matter without resorting to stereotypes to dumb it down for myself
Yahoo! Messenger: young_pharell has signed out

young_pharell: sorry
alienne4: Oh, it's alright
young_pharell: comp freaked out
young_pharell: so what were you saying?
alienne4: Oh, that I like to think I'm intelligent enough to grasp the suble truths of the matter without resorting to stereotypes to dumb it down for myself
young_pharell: no one said you have to dumb it down for you, but you have to acknowledge the fact that they do exist and that some of them are silly as hell, and making fun of how stupid they are is funny.
alienne4: Yeah, but many of them are more dangerous than they're worth
young_pharell: True, but those actually tend to be more truthful...and sometimes the truth hurts
alienne4: Oh whatever, this discussion is getting so abstract that it's useless. I'm sure that's true in some cases, and I'm right in others
young_pharell: if someone were to say to me that "nothin but lazy niggas come out of the inner-city of Chicago", I could easily stand up all pissed off and say "NOT I!", but I would not be acknowledging the truth that for every 1 of me there are 20 that that rule does apply to.
young_pharell: so I could be blind and act like it isnt true because I don't want to look past myself, or be honest and say "In most cases you are correct, but that isn't true for me."
young_pharell: and leave it at that
alienne4: Okay but the statement "nothin but lazy niggas come out of the inner-city of Chicago" is 100% false. One counterexample disproves the entire statement
young_pharell: using pure black and white logic you are correct, but we don't live in a world of blakc and white...there is a big as grey area that most people live in.
young_pharell: and for the most part that statement is true
alienne4: Logic is logic, you can call it what you want. If you say "all x is y" and you find an x that isn't y, your statement is false, period. I don't make the rules.
young_pharell: but perception is a lazy nigga in the city, they dont think they are lazy, hence that logic IS 100% see?
alienne4: That's not the reason why I said it was false at all
young_pharell: Life isn't a computer program that you can apply mathematicl logic to though
alienne4: You can apply logic to the things people say, though.
young_pharell: but people say things like that usually off of perception
young_pharell: and you cannot apply logic to that
young_pharell: you cant apply logic to feelings
young_pharell: unless you are Spock from Star Trek
alienne4: The statement "nothin but lazy niggas come out of the inner-city of Chicago" can be rewritten in the following mathematical formula:
alienne4: all A
alienne4: (A being "things emerging from the inner city of Chicago")
alienne4: are B
young_pharell: but its not mathematical...its perspectyive...
young_pharell: period
alienne4: (B being "lazy niggas")
young_pharell: i know what you are saying, but you arent seeing it from the human side
alienne4: If you find an A that isn't B, the "all A are B" statement is proven false
alienne4: I'm just saying the statement is untrue, and it's your problem for saying something untrue
young_pharell: perception plays a lot into it, as well as how someone is raised that shapes THEIR reality
alienne4: I don't give a fuck what your perception is, once the words come out of your mouth, you're accountable to them
young_pharell: perfect example, check out this video about West Virginia voters, and tell me if what they are saying makes any logical sense.
alienne4: No
young_pharell: trust me, its a news story
alienne4: noooooo
young_pharell: no funny stuff
alienne4: noooooooooooooooooooooo
young_pharell: for real watch it
alienne4: no
young_pharell: yes
young_pharell: goofball just watch it
young_pharell: it's good, plus I want your opinion on these people
young_pharell: and the validity of their arguement

Nice try in the last bit there, and though flattery will get you almost anywhere, you need to learn that when a lady says no, she means no.

A few more back-and-forths of me closing the window, and then what you've been waiting for. The Gold.

young_pharell: do you know about Zeno's paradox?
alienne4: Nope, what's that?
young_pharell: it's really 7 paradoxes, but there 3 major ones.
alienne4: ok?
young_pharell: i suck at explaining them
alienne4: So which one are you drawing my attention to?
young_pharell: achilles and the tortoise
alienne4: Yes yes I've heard this one before
young_pharell: what are your thoughts
young_pharell: anf the arrow in flight one
alienne4: They're basically the same thing. I think they're an example of philosophy wanking itself without paying attention to physics first
young_pharell: perception versus mathematical
alienne4: Oh god
young_pharell: mathematically a paradox, but we can percieve that the paradox isn't true
young_pharell: i love to argue
alienne4: Calculus has apparently solved the paradox so it's not a mathematical paradox after all
young_pharell: true, but at the time they knew it possibly coulnt be true
alienne4: I think you have your sides flipped. It's the "perception" side that believes the nonsense part, because "conceptually" we can't understand how the arrow could possibly reach the tree, but objectively, observationally, physically the arrow does.
young_pharell: matematically it says the arrow could never reach the tree, but in rality, in the world that WE all live in, we know that it isn't true because we percieve the arrow hitting the tree...I din't flip anything
young_pharell: *didn't
alienne4: I suggest you carefully consider what you and I have written
young_pharell: our perception is just things that we ourselves have observed and have come to a conclusion about, be it either preconcieved or based upon immediate facts
alienne4: Are you really committed to relativism, or have you not fully thought it through?
young_pharell: you keeping your job is based on perception, the next president of the United States is based on perception....can't you see that when it comes to people and their opinions, perception is reality.
alienne4: What the fuck are you talking about?
young_pharell: We wouldn't have lightbulbs if everyone percieved Edison's invention as a wate of efforyt
alienne4: Are you just saying that human opinion has an important causal effect in history?!!!
young_pharell: hell yea! It's human opinion that let George W. Bush get into office in the first place...human opinion that allowed him to ge into Iraq and start a retarded war
young_pharell: Physics may make the world go round, but perception makes the people in it go round
alienne4: Oh my god postmodernism is going to give me a fucking heart attack
young_pharell: perfect example. if we are in court and all the facts are in my favor, if the jury has this perception that all black people are guilty no matter what the FACTS are, then guess what my reality is about to be? The inside of a jail cell.
alienne4: "Perception is reality" is a catch phrase for a philosophical movement called relativism
young_pharell: what am I describing then
alienne4: You are describing the extremely obvious fact that PEOPLE'S OPINIONS ARE IMPORTANT
young_pharell: i wasn't secribing relativism and that was never my goal. If i was then I would have said it as such
alienne4: "Perception is reality" means "there is no reality, only perception"
young_pharell: and in a lot of things in life, that is true
young_pharell: join the American Army.
alienne4: Please just shut up and let this sink in
young_pharell: you will find out that perception is reality is an extremely true statement
young_pharell: lmao
alienne4: Oh my good lord I am going to shoot myself in the brains
young_pharell: lmao
young_pharell: dont do that
young_pharell: explain
alienne4: I did. It is still there for you to read.
young_pharell: so if i have a rainbow on my shirt I must be gay because the rainbow is the known symbol for gay people??? Why can't I just like rainbows?
alienne4: Are you stupid?
young_pharell: no
alienne4: Where the hell did you get that from? I said nothing remotely related to that.
young_pharell: but you are saying by me using the that chatch phrase I HAVE to be talking about relativism or i can't use that catch phrase. By your logic if I wear a rainbow then I must be gay otherwise I shouldn't wear a rainbow.\
alienne4: The phrase means something in English. Do we need to go back to the logical arguments? WORDS HAVE MEANINGS
alienne4: "PERCEPTION IS REALITY" is not saying the same thing as "human opinion has an effect on shit that happens in the world"
young_pharell: to just proved that perception is reality, because I can direct you to an ENTIRE MILITARY that uses that catch phrase to decribe the fact that people's opinion has an effect on your job and career.
alienne4: Do you understand what "perception" means?
young_pharell: it would be called the U.S. Army
alienne4: Do you understand what "reality" means?
young_pharell: yes I do. There is your standard reality that we ALL live in, then there is your "perceived reality" how you perceive your life as well as others' lives. I can see that Paris Hilton's reality is not the same as mine, because in her reality she does have to stay in jail if she gets a DUI but I do. All based on how people "perceive" her and "perceive" me.
alienne4: Do you understand what "is" means?
young_pharell: s*she doesn't have to
young_pharell: huh?
alienne4: In English, "is" makes a symmetric equivalence.
young_pharell: exactly
young_pharell: this is that
young_pharell: like an equal sign
alienne4: Therefore you are saying "perception = reality"
alienne4: Perception and reality are the same thing.
young_pharell: exactly
alienne4: So you are saying that if I perceive a pencil to have bent once I place it in water, it has bent
alienne4: in reality
young_pharell: in some people's minds they are, and they have the power and money to make it your reality
young_pharell: is all I am saying
young_pharell: but it can be
young_pharell: in some instances
alienne4: Then the statement is false
young_pharell: when it comes to people and their opinions
alienne4: holy fucking crap
young_pharell: you aint fellin me ma, but its okay
alienne4: Okay this is enough, goodbye
young_pharell: *feelin
young_pharell: I cannot spell today
young_pharell: all i was saying is, you cannot plug in people's opinions into mathematical just doesn't work that way
alienne4: Please learn English and then we will talk
young_pharell: no one does...unless you are Spock
alienne4: goodbye
young_pharell: my English is impeccable
young_pharell: thank you

EXEUNT, to wild applause


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