Sep. 9th, 2008

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Today I received an email from a "word-of-mouth" marketing company, saying they'd seen a blog post of mine, and they were interested in sending me advance releases of an upcoming perfume because I'm a "hip young female blogger". The deal, I assume, is they send me free bottles of perfume, I blog about them; I get free perfume, they get free promotion.

I'm young, yeah, and I'm female, but I don't know about "hip" or "blogger". Okay, yeah, I'm pretty hip. And I have blogs (n). But I don't really blog (v). Sure, I write anecdotes in Facebook notes, I keep a Tamagotchi log, and I have this weird little LJ. But this is not a blog really.

However, they are sending me five bottles of perfume by UPS. They seem to think I have some sort of credibility among their target audience.

It's brilliant, really, because what they're actually paying me for marketing their product is in the currency of ego stroking.

I have been aware of this move by companies for some time now. I read a lot (A LOT!!) of makeup and beauty blogs, and for some of them, it's quite obvious that they're getting paid off and given sweet incentives to review particular products. Even some Tamagotchi sites get sweet benefits from Bandai for fostering a rabid and spendy fan community. It's really the way to go, these days, especially in this cultural climate of heavy suspicion and skepticism of anything by corporate media. You can't just market to individuals via passive media like television anymore. You have to cultivate communities and sponsor personalities.

I know that a lot of my purchasing decisions become influenced by a sense of "getting to know someone involved", like following Avatar Press on Twitter, or watching Suzi Blu's painting videos.

So there are two things that will keep me from being guilty about taking the free perfume:
1. being up front with you about why I'm reviewing it;
2. actually writing more prolifically so I don't feel like I've abused your attention.

I have achieved #1 with this post, so that's good. Unfortunately it represents a great deal less than half the work ahead of me. Because now I have to become a "blogger".


I hereby declare that I believe myself to be an interesting person.

When I think of things that I believe to be funny, interesting or profound, I will try to record them, whether as video, audio, picture or text.

I will post as frequently as I dare, without paranoia about boring or spamming my audience.

I assert that my opinion has some value, though perhaps not more than that of anyone else in this world.

I mean, I follow people's personal blogs, even some people I don't know, just because I think they're cute or interesting. I can be cute or interesting. Or maybe even both!

Hopefully this will be a fun writing exercise. I'll try to let it get to my head by just the right amount. ^_^


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