Sep. 18th, 2008

Lil' Angel

Sep. 18th, 2008 11:08 pm
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I worked really hard on a video blog last night. It was uploading to Google Videos all night and when I checked it this morning, I saw that the sound didn't sync properly. T_T That is a total pet peeve of mine when watching videos, so I'm not going to make you watch it. So, back to the archaic method of text blogging.

So, Lil' Angel!

This fragrance is COMPLETELY different from Love, and I really really dig it. It's named after Angel, birth name Jennifer Kita. She's an American hip hop dancer with Japanese heritage.

(Okay, about that psychotic hallucination and talk of "Gwen's dream world" — I believe Gwen's just making a very convoluted, ironic comment on pop star eccentricity by making all her Harajuku Girls play into this weird background story. Because I get the strong sense that she's not actually crazy. I mean, she loves Björk and she married Gavin Rossdale. She knows what's up.)

Lil' Angel is a very sweet fragrance, sugary like candy, but light and airy. It's actually a very interesting scent. It smells like a familiar, identifiable candy, as if it's something from your childhood that you've eaten a hundred times, but you just can't put your finger on it. It's just beyond your reach. It's somehow a very nostalgic scent.

I made three of my friends sniff my wrist at different parts of the day: Mary in the morning, and my friends Rachel and JM at about 9:00 PM when we were out for dinner. All three of them were in wide-eyed agreement with me about it smelling like some candy, and they were all stumped, clutching for some way to identify what it is. JM was like, "It's like some far away memory…" I find it so interesting that my friends who are different ages and genders all had the same reaction to the fragrance as I did. The perfume also lasted a long time and stayed the same the whole day. It only disappeared after about thirteen hours.

I was struggling all day to try to pin down what candy it smelled like, and I finally concluded that it's like a cross between Rockets and cotton candy. So it's like a fresh, airy, sugar candy with just a hint of citrusy fruit. Really, really cool. I have never smelled a perfume like this before.

I was kind of on the fence with Love, but I am definitely seriously considering buying a bottle of Lil' Angel. I think it rocks. I think I could make this my signature scent, especially for spring, when the sweetness would work really well, and around Hallowe'en, when all the stores are stocked with candy!! ^_^

I also had a bit of a cosmetics haul yesterday that I showed off in my video, so I guess I'll mention it here too. I had a half an hour to kill before my audition for a choir I sing in (Rachel is the choir manager and JM is a bass in the choir, so that's why we were out for dinner together), so I went to a magical place called the Guerlain boutique on Bloor Street. It is magical for a few reasons: because it contains many beautiful and exquisite products, all of which I either yearn for or already own, and because it spirits away my money at a truly supernatural rate.

They lo-oooove me at the Guerlain boutique. Seriously, the previous manager was my BFF and did my makeup for my grad photo and even opened the store at like 7 AM for me. It's because I have spent STUPID amounts of money at that place over the years. They work their sales magic on me and I drop multiple hundreds of dollars. It's ridiculous.

But I keep coming back because Guerlain products are really quite remarkable. Yeah, they bring "overpriced" to whole new levels, but they truly are innovative and luxurious and effective. I know very well that for most makeup products, you can get essentially the same thing at a drug store. Eyeshadow is eyeshadow is eyeshadow, and these days even the pigment quality is going to be pretty much the same whether it's Clinique or Cover Girl.

HOWEVER, certain inventions or clever tricks can be patented, like the Guerlain loose powder kohl, which I raved about in a previous entry. I have actually become dependent on that product, I wear it literally every day, and I was starting to freak out about the fact that I only had it in one colour.


The loose powder liner with a stick applicator is only available from Guerlain, and those features are what make it a very special product. The effect can't be achieved with any other line of cosmetics.

So I went to the boutique to buy more colours of the loose kohl, including the limited edition Oriental Metal. It is a very very hot looking slate gray that I am mega excited to try. I also got it in blue, and it is a breathtaking indigo blue. rrrrrrroowwwwowow I'm so excited to use it.

But I still had time to kill, and here's where I went horribly horribly wrong: I drifted over to the skincare table.

I have these little bumps on my forehead, they just appeared in the past month or so, and I am not happy about them. If I have any shine at all on my forehead, I feel like they look really visible as irregularities on my otherwise smooth forehead. I was thinking about getting a facial to see if that might fix the problem, but since I started working full-time in the suburbs, it is really hard to find a non-sketchy beauty salon nearby where I'd feel comfortable letting someone mess around with my face. So I'd just been getting grumpier and grumpier about my forehead bumps. I didn't want to become a Klingon.

I made the mistake of mentioning it to the girls at the Guerlain boutique, and oh my do they ever have solutions for me!

"Oh well what you need is this weekly masque! It's just beauuuutiful, here let me put some on your skin, this will fix your problem for sure! Smooth it on once a week for ten minutes and it will clean your skin right up!" (Masque Ressource)

"But really if you want to solve the source of the problem, the problem comes from using skin cream that is too rich for your face, so you need to switch to using this serum. Here, try it on your other hand, it just smells divine and doesn't it make your skin feel wonderful?? It will make your skin flawless so you will be perfect even before you put on your makeup!" (Super Aqua Serum)

"But of course the serum can't be used on its own, not really, you need to layer it with this day cream, which is just essential, every woman should have it!" (Super Aqua Day Refreshing Cream) 

"Oh and did we mention, if you buy any three skin care products, you get a complimentary ninety-minute facial? Facials here usually cost $95 but you'd get it for free."

At this point I'm thinking, god, that's a steal! I'd better buy these three products and get that free facial wheeeee I am being swept away in a blissful tornado of saleswomanship—

"And your total is $340"

But it was too late, I was in too deep. I Desired Them at that point. And it was all over. The credit card was out, and they had gotten me again. Oh, Guerlain Ladies, I am so very very ensnared.

Now I need to decide what to do with the masque and moisturizers I already have. I spent a ridiculous amount on this other clay masque that I'm not convinced does anything, and I've barely used it. And I'm not quite done the bottle of Ponds moisturizer that was giving me the Klingon bumps. And I have a barely touched bottle of Shiseido moisturizer that I had lined up to use after the Ponds moisturizer was done. My highest principle of superficiality — Thou Shalt Consume — is demanding that I use up the stuff I already have.

But the esthetician said that she'd fix all my blemishes! She said the combination of these products and her magical ninety-minute facial would make me perfect! I'm going to be a fucking movie star!

I mean, the potency of the placebo effect alone is going to make them pay for themselves...!

I haven't decided what to do yet. But it was still a freaking party when I got home and opened up all the gorgeous shiny boxes.

At least I don't smoke. This is all my hypothetical cigarette money that I'm spending. Right? Right. And well-spent, on glorious Placebo Effect goodness.


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