Sep. 21st, 2008

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Today's fragrance was Baby!

Baby is named after the Harajuku Girl Baby, birth name Mayuko Kitayama. (What a beautiful traditional Japanese name, eh?) She's from Osaka, what what! My family is from Kyoto, but I live in Toronto, so I relate to Osaka the same way I relate to Hamilton. It's the down and dirty neighbour. ^_^ Osaka has a kind of "dirty"-sounding dialect, and it's famous for its comedians and as an industrial centre. There's a bit of a rivalry between Kyoto people and Osaka people, just like between Toronto and Hamilton. Of course I think Kyoto and Toronto are the cooler ones, ha ha ha!

They definitely did her makeup the prettiest of all the other girls. I wasn't so much a fan of the chola look they were doing on the others, but that is some hot red lipstick and I like the sweeping red-bronze eyeshadow.

So, a perfume called "Baby", eh? It could go in all sorts of directions. But I put it on and…

Yeah, it smells like babies.

It smells like baby powder.

I was like, oh mannn…

I am really over baby powder smell. I had a phase a few years ago when I was all about smelling like baby powder. Dove had just come out with their line of antiperspirant which has a really great baby powder scent. Baby powdery smells were my signature for a couple years. But then my body chemistry caught up with the Dove antiperspirant formula and it stopped working very well, so I switched to Degree, whose baby powder scent is strictly business. ^_^

I associate baby powder smell with my exboyfriend, because he liked it on me. So it's game over for that scent, really, it was over before it started. ^_^

And honestly… isn't that a bit too literal an interpretation for a fragrance called "Baby"?

As the day went on, it dried down to something a little more floral with a hint of spice. And here's where I run into trouble reviewing perfumes.

If the perfume smells like food? I'm GOOD. I know food. Oh my, do I ever know food.

But I'll be damned if I know flowers.

So, unlike my other reviews which were 100% all me, with absolutely no foreign influence from outside opinion aside from my friends in real life, I actually had to do a quick Google to see what other beauty bloggers are saying about this perfume.

Just a quick glance at one showed me a list of a bunch of flowers I've never heard of, and the only one that sounded right to me: white rose.

I would have guessed rose. But white rose, yeah, I can see that. Maybe a rose covered in a baby powder and that's why it's white.

I've been wearing Baby for almost exactly twelve hours now, and it smells like a cinnamony, powdery rose. But only on my left wrist, where I applied it directly. My right wrist smells like pure baby powder.

I went out for dinner tonight with my new friend Leo, who totally reads this blog (shout out!), and I asked for his opinion on Baby. "Yeah, baby powder," he said. But did he like it? "Yeah, baby powder smells good– on babies."

Ha ha ha ha.

So my review of Baby is,
if you're a baby,
this fragrance is for you.

No, really, it's just a matter of taste. I wore baby powder scents for a couple years, so I know it has its appeal. It just doesn't do it for me right now, these days.

And also, it could be a lot more sophisticated if it's sprayed on as opposed to upended on my wrist from a sample bottle.

Which leads me to the next bit of good news: the marketing company that sent me the samples to begin with, are happy with my reviews and are sending me a goodie bag, which includes laboratory samples of each of the scents — meaning, they're full-size but in plain spray bottles instead of the fancy perfume bottles that they'll come in in stores. So I'll definitely update if my impressions change based on a more proper application of the perfumes.

[ profile] montresl told me she's already seen the Harajuku Lovers perfumes at Shoppers Drug Mart, so they're already out for sale/testing if you want to check them out! 


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