Sep. 26th, 2008

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 Just four quick announcements today. I have more blog post ideas but it's just Not Quite The Right Time.

1. The survey link for your to express what you thought of my reviews of Harajuku Lovers changed, so if you responded the first day that I posted it, and you have a quick moment, you might want to resubmit. It's up to you though, really it's their own fault for messing up the first time.

2. I bought the 30ml of G and oh my goodness does it ever smell different than in the tester! The girl at Shoppers said (idle chitchat while my credit card was going), "I love this fragrance, I love how coconutty it is," and I was like, uh oh... coconutty? I don't remember smelling coconut at all. So yeah, my review may or may not sound like a pile of bullcrap when you actually try G from the bottle. I still bought it though.

3. I gave Mary a set of samples yesterday and she was wearing Music to work today and it smelled approximately 10,000 times better on her than it did on me. Or maybe I just have a crush on her or something. Anyway. As with all perfumes I suppose, Your Body Chemistry May Vary.

4. I can make genital-headed monsters using the Mirror effect in Photo Booth.

Penis Head Monster:

Vagina Head Monster:


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