Oct. 12th, 2008

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 I listen to Edge 102 at work because of my humungous crush on Barry Taylor. Unfortunately this means I also have to listen to some unbelievably stupid radio ads. The latest batch includes some of the campaign bullshit from the Liberal party. I shall paraphrase them below.

1. "I was going to vote NDP, but this time I'm too worried that it will split the vote and we'll end up with Harper again! Oh noes! I will vote Liberal instead, to keep Harper out of office!"
Awesome campaign, Liberals. Way to emphasize the values of your policies. "Instead of voting for what I believe in, I will vote for this monstrous party that will be hopefully non-offensive so that I can strategically oust a prime minister!" Honestly, I have no fucking clue what the Liberal party stands for.

2. "Our economy is in real trouble!" "It sure is!" "But Harper just seems so calm!" "Does he even get it?" "He just seems SO CALM!"
For reals, they repeated "he seems so calm" twice in the radio ad.
Because what Canada needs is a leader who'll panic.

Awesome, Liberal Party of Canada. Your radio campaign has assured me that a vote for you is a vote for moronic douchebags who don't stand for anything. Except maybe fearmongering.

Go Green Party yay


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