Oct. 20th, 2008

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Who says every day is special? -> CALENDARRRSSSS

I love calendars.

I have a lot of stationery fetishes.

I buy notebooks compulsively. Moleskines are like tactile sex.

My mom buys pens compulsively so I've had to force that one under control. With the two of us buying every nice pen on sight, we'd be swimming in them here.

Agendas, oh my. Love agendas. I'm one of those weirdos fondling the paper organizers in boutique bookstores.

In fact, my love of agendas transcends the tactile fetish. I have so many calendars, and they all have a special purpose. My iPhone syncs with Mobile Me, but I manually sync a Google Calendar so that I can share my availability with friends while being selective about what they see (i.e. one custom recurring event called "shedding my endometrium" is of interest to no one but myself in my currently celibate state. I'm okay with this. I AM OKAY WITH THIS). I set up a Yahoo calendar for everyone who works at my store. I have one Moleskine for all the events and things I get invited to but am undecided about attending, so that they don't clutter my iPhone with events that I'm not sure I want to go to. I still use the calendar on my old Palm Treo for planning chores in the future. I used to have a separate paper calendar for that before I got my iPhone and my Treo was my main organizer.

But it's still NOT ENOUGHHHHH

Wall calendars are helpful in a different way. It's a more visual experience. In one eyeballfull, you can scope out what's coming up in the distance. Reminders of events that you planned way in advance. And don't forget the juicy countdowns to exciting trips and parties!

In this month's issue of Glow, they were really pushing the Harajuku Lovers perfumes that inspired me to start writing this blog for realsies. One advertising insert was a tear-out calendar, replete with stickers!!!!!!!!!

If it was ever a question what the Harajuku Lovers target demographic is, let me tell you what the stickers say:


Oh my. Those are not the concerns that are highest on my priorities in this stage of my life. But that's fine, I wouldn't expect a sticker that says "INITIAL DIAMOND ORDERS DUE!", ha ha ha. (Diamond, if you're reading this, WINK WINK stickersss.)

So, fine, whatever. "TEST!" = gig with the choir, "DATE!" = gaming marathon with Angelo, "PROJECT DUE!" = road trip, "PARTY!" = uhhhh parties, and "EXAM!" = Angelina Jolie movie comes out (Changeling comes out on Friday, who wants to go with me?)

I mean, Angelina Jolie movies really are kind of like an exam. An exam of SEXINESS.

I tore out the calendar, affixed it to the corkboard in my room, and gleefully festooned it with stickers.

Stepping back from my work, what this does is make me feel like my life is full of excitement and change.

I replaced the weird advert photo in the top left corner with a print I got from Eliza Gauger. In her description of this print, she seems ashamed of having to draw a winged kitty for this illustration job (for some kind of RPG). Well, Eliza, I bought this print because of the winged kitty. And I have impeccable taste.

Take note of the Hamtaro head that I am using to indicate which date is, in fact, today. I cut that Hamtaro head out of the side of a box of curry that my mom got for me in Japan, largely because there were Hamtaro stickers inside. The Hamtaro head is re-stick-able via the blue Sticky Stuff that is native to many elementary school classrooms. The ritual of moving the little Hamtaro head incrementally day by day marks the passage of time in a very real, yet really fun way.

I ordered a whole whack of freaking awesome calendars from the catalogue last month. The Walking Dead calendar that I ordered for Mary has arrived; I'm expecting a Red vs. Blue one, and every Studio Ghibli calendar offering that they have. I may have to buy one of each and hang one on each wall. So excited.

Until that time, my free Harajuku Lovers calendar will do me juuuuuuuust fine. ^_^


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